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Uzbekistan, City: Tashkent, District: Almazar, baypass street Nurafshon, 105/90

Renewed: 17.01.2023

Contact information of the organization/company ABIDOV BROK SERVICE - Tashkent (phone numbers, location, working hours, activities and other useful information). If this data helped you to contact this organization, please let them know that you found their contacts on the website of the business directory of Uzbekistan: Golden Pages - Uzbekistan

The company has not yet posted products/services on the website www.goldenpages.uz. If you want to place your products/services, contact us +998903708913

24 hours
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Logistics of the future... Faster than deadlines... Ahead of time...
Your trust is the most valuable thing for us and the main incentive for development.
A full range of freight forwarding services.
We have been providing services in the direction of customs clearance for more than 8 years.
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  • Where is ABIDOV BROK SERVICE located?

    ABIDOV BROK SERVICE is located at the address: Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Almazar district, Nurafshon baypass street, 105/90

  • Phone number ABIDOV BROK SERVICE?

    You can call ABIDOV BROK SERVICE at (+99894) 6010000

  • What is the operating mode of ABIDOV BROK SERVICE
      24 hours
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