About project

Business directories - Golden Pages of Uzbekistan    The project “Golden Pages of Uzbekistan” as Business directory and on-line version allows Uzbek and foreign businessmen to be guided on commodity and service market, provides necessary information for well-considered decisions in selecting business partners not only in Uzbekistan but also abroad. In other words, businessmen may use a varied and systematized set of materials that is necessary for developing concrete relations among enterprises and firms of different forms of property.
   Directory meets the requirements of the world publishers of informational and commercial publications, has an accurate term of issue, high quality, big circulation, and is spread free of charge among the most active state and commercial organizations on the Uzbek market. On the CIS market the Directory is spread determinedly in conformity with the needs of local entrepreneurs. Circulation of the Directory is 10 000 copies.
   The Directory consists of 4 parts. Two information parts:
   1. Golden pages – the fullest and most contemporary information of Uzbekistan Ministries, State Committees and other important state organs (more than 20 000 enterprises and foreign companies operating in Uzbekistan (telephones, addresses, e-mail numbers, web-sites, etc.).
   2. Blue pages – information about industrial companies of CIS (The companies interested in tight cooperation with Uzbek businessmen).
   3. The third part of the Directory is an Index of Headings which consists of 1 200 rubrics classified by the area of activity of companies. The numeration of pages is written in three languages: English, Uzbek, and Russian. The Alphabetical Index of companies is divided into two parts – Uzbekistan and CIS.
   4. The forth part is an introduction that contains general reference information useful for entrepreneurs.

   Web site: www.goldenpages.uz is on-line version of "Golden Pages2010/11" directory of business cooperation of Uzbekistan, CIS and Baltic countries. In contrast to printed version, web site has opportunity to update information daily about companies, organizations and references to the bases of the companies of other CIS countries, English version and opportunity to arrange offers about job. Easy search by: company names, rubrics, cities, streets, phones, and types of properties make site most convenient to search information about companies and organizations of Uzbekistan any time and from any points of the world.

Eighth edition of business directory - Golden Pages of Uzbekistan 2009/10