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Справочники Golden Pages, 19-й выпуск The business directory "GOLDEN PAGES" - "Golden Pages" allows entrepreneurs to successfully navigate the market of goods and services, as well as present their commercial offers to local and foreign enterprises, for this, within the framework of the project, to expand the geography of business, the company conducts information exchange with information systems other countries. The ability to provide information about your product to foreign entrepreneurs can improve the position of many domestic firms by attracting investors and partners.

Currently, we have already published 19 editions of our guide and in 2022 we are celebrating 20 years of our company.

The directory corresponds to the level of world manufacturers of information and commercial publications, has a clear release date, high quality, large circulation, and is distributed free of charge among companies in Uzbekistan.

The site www.goldenpages.uz is an electronic on-line version of the directory of business cooperation between Uzbekistan, the CIS countries and the Baltic States "Golden Pages 2021/22". Unlike the printed version, the site has the ability to daily update information about companies and organizations, links to databases of companies of other CIS countries, the English version and the possibility of posting job offers Convenient search: by company name, by type of activity (heading) makes the site the most convenient for finding information about Uzbek companies and organizations at any time and from anywhere in the world.

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