About us

   "Golden Pages Uzbekistan" company has worked since October28, 2002 - for a long good while. Our company specializes in record retrieval,processing of commercial information and issue of “Golden Pages  Uzbekistan” directoryfor business co-operation among entrepreneurs of Uzbekistan and CIS countries.
   Company has a highly skilled staff in the field of information and advertisement, that who fulfils its liabilities efficiently supplying entrepreneurs of Uzbekistan and CIS countries with the fullest and reliable information about economic potentials of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The staff of the company is 40 persons, and majority of them are certificated marketologists, architectures, designers, journalists, and professional translators who have a good command of English, Turkish, Japanese, French, German and literary Uzbek languages perfectly. Also they make a contribution on company with their knowledge and experiences, thereby letting satisfy the requirements of our customers.
   "Golden Pages Uzbekistan" company is one of the dynamic developing companies in the market of Uzbekistan and in spite of youth, has a large operational experiences in abovementioned field. During five years of activity we have published five editions of business directory Golden Pages. The main purposes of theirectory are to restore lost relations and to arrange new business contacts between Uzbekistan and CIS countries.

Busines directory -Golden Pages of Uzbekistan 2010/11

   Furthermore, it has a wide range of potentialities to grant various information and advertisement services to customer. So, our company deals with design development of banner, logotype, booklet advertising and creative development of company image. In short, company realizes complete advertising facilities for clients.

General Director of "Golden pages  Uzbekistan": Abdullaeva L. A.