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Attract customers who are ready to buy with the help of the Golden Pages Uzbekistan business directory.

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Using the resources of our digital marketing solutions, we attract the attention of customers to companies. We help companies reach a new audience.


Rise above the competition

We offer advertising products to the Internet audience, mobile device users and printed products. As a result, we help companies attract more customers.

It's so easy!

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Profiles, videos and websites...!

Companies attract attention thanks to the rich content of business profiles on the GP network, which are visited by more than 13 million active users every day.

Profiles impress customers with attractive HD videos (for getting to know the owner companies), as well as business cards with information, photos and contact forms.

All these products are constantly being exposed by us, the Golden Pages company, which allows business owners not to worry and do only what is really important... Business!

Increase sales
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Expanding business reach

We offer automatic search engine optimization (SEO) to create traffic and visibility of companies.

We offer advertising only to those who are actively looking for products for your company's services.

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Use digital space correctly

Sales are moving into the digital world. Effective use of the marketplace requires a lot of time and resources.

Our experts will help you to organize an online store on the trading platform tovar.uz!

We will free you from worries, and you will be able to focus only on what you need..., on your company.

Increase sales
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