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Directory Golden Pages 2010/11- FREE*

   Directory Golden Pages 2010/11 «Directory of business cooperation of Uzbekistan, CIS and Baltic States» is the eighth edition of a handbook is published by Golden Pages - Uzbekistan. First to seventh editions (Golden Pages 2003/04, 2004/05, Golden Pages 2005/06, Golden Pages 2006/07, Golden Pages 2007/08, Golden Pages 2008/09, Golden Pages 2009/10) are well-known Uzbek entrepreneurs. Now you see 8-th edition. In the eighth edition, compared with the previous, more widely represented companies in Uzbekistan, refined new phone companies and organizations. In our directory are companies from CIS and foreign countries who are interested to enter the market of Uzbekistan and to find partners in our country. Volume handbook - 542 pages (in the first - 414 pages) Directory of the level of world producers of information and business publications. Our priorities in each edition of the directory of companies and enterprises in Uzbekistan are:

  • high quality printing on coated offset Finnish

  • circulation printed version of the directory Golden Pages 2010/11 - 10 000 copies.

  • distribution FREE among all companies work in Uzbekistan.

  • availability section for companies in CIS and foreign countries interested in entering the Uzbek market.

  • the most accurate оinformation about companies in Uzbekistan. At the time of reference relevant for more than 95%.

  • a variety of useful information about Uzbekistan and the countries of the world.

   The directory consists of two main sections

   Two of the information - Golden pages (golden pages) - the most complete and comprehensive information on Uzbekistan for more than 20 000 companies and foreign companies operating on the territory of the republic.

   Blue pages (blue pages) - information about the CIS industrial companies are planning to market the country. Also added to the orange pages - of foreign countries have expressed zaintresovannost in collaboration with companies in Uzbekistan.

   In the eighth edition of the directory Golden Pages presents various useful information on Uzbekistan: a brief overview of the macroeconomic economy of Uzbekistan in 2009; zips central communication hubs, prefix telephone numbers of mobile operators, etc.

   Catalog allows entrepreneurs to focus on the Uzbek market of goods and services, provides the necessary information to make informed decisions in choosing partners, not only in Uzbekistan. In other words, to businessmen there is a diverse and systematized collection of materials that are needed to develop specific links between enterprises and firms of different ownership forms.

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