Map of Tashkent: Streets and districts on the online map of Tashkent

The map of Tashkent contains the names of all streets and districts, as well as house numbers and the location of some organizations. This is an interactive map of Tashkent that allows you to work online. To zoom in or out of the map, use the panel on the left or double-click the left mouse button on the map of Tashkent. You can move the map of Tashkent by holding the left mouse button. A map of Tashkent is also available in the form of satellite photos

Note: The map of Tashkent is provided together with the Yandex Maps service.

Where is the city of Tashkent located?

Tashkent coordinates: 41.31° north latitude and 69.28° east longitude.

Areas of districts of the city of Tashkent:

Uchtepa district

area 2,820 hectares or 28.2 km2

Bektemir district

area 3,357.7 hectares or 33.58 km2

Mirzo-Ulugbek district

area 5,526.6 hectares or 55.27 km2 + Ulugbek settlement 384 ha or 3.84 km2

Mirabad district

area 1 672 hectares or 16,72 km2

Sergeli district

area 4 841,1 hectares or 48,41 km2

Almazar (former Sobir Rakhimov) district

area 3,378 hectares or 33.78 km2

Chilanzar district

area 3,043 hectares or 30.46 km2

Shaikhontohur district

area 2,717 hectares or 27.17 km2

Yunusabad district

area 4,106 hectares or 41.06 km2

Yakkasaray district

area 1,399 hectares or 13.99 km2

Yashnabad (former Khamza) district

area 3,431 hectares or 34.31 km2

Yangihayot district

an area of ​​4,419.6 hectares or 44.2 km - was established in November 2020 in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan PP No. 4888 of 11/11/20. As part of the newly formed Yangikhayot district, 2,131.2 hectares were allocated from the city of Tashkent, and 2,288.4 hectares from the Tashkent region.

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