How often do you update your site?
   A full database update on the site occurs every two weeks. Small updates happen all the time as they appear.
We found that our company's data on the Golden Pages site did not match the real ones. How can we update (add) information about our company?
    Unfortunately, such inaccuracies happen. Golden Pages company strives to keep such errors as few as possible. To correct your details (types of activities), please download the form, fill it out and send it to us in the most convenient way for you. Your information will be checked by our information service and will be corrected (added) to the Golden Pages database. It will be posted on the website in updating, in the next Golden Pages 2020/21 reference book and in the round-the-clock reference service for enterprises in Uzbekistan - 78-140-09-09.
Where do you collect information for the Golden Pages reference book?
    The main source of information is a constant survey of companies and organizations in Uzbekistan with the help of our sales staff. We also receive information from companies using our website. Another source of information is the press. Our information department constantly monitors the press, identifying new companies that provide information about themselves in various periodicals. Many companies provide information themselves so that we include their organization in the Golden Pages reference book.
How often does your reference book come out and what circulation?
    Our business reference book of enterprises in Uzbekistan is published once a year, at the end of July. The circulation of each edition is 10,000 copies. In total, over 18 years of our work, we have released 180,000 copies!
How can I get the Golden Pages reference book?
    The Golden Pages reference book is distributed FREE OF CHARGE among companies and organizations operating in Uzbekistan. 
How similar is your reference book to other such kind of publications in Uzbekistan?
    Of course, there are common features, because the type of activity is the same. Moreover, Uzbekistan is one for all. But there are also significant differences. First, more accurate information about Uzbekistan and especially about Tashkent. Secondly, a large circulation of 10,000 copies. Thirdly, FREE distribution among companies and organizations in Uzbekistan. Fourth, high-quality printing and gluing of the reference book.
    The presence of competition has a positive effect on the quality of the product and our business in this case is no exception. Competition requires us from year to year to improve the quality of information in the reference book, to offer new services, which ultimately works for the consumer.
Do you provide services for the searching for individuals?
    No, we do not search for individuals.

We would like to place an advertisement in your reference book (website, round-the-clock telephone service 78-140-09-09). How can this be done and how much does it cost?

   We have a wide range of prices that can satisfy the most demanding client. Call us at 78-140-65-66 in Tashkent or write to us, and our sales specialists will answer all your questions and offer you the most effective posting option. You can also download our price lists for posting on the website, in the reference book of enterprises in Tashkent and Uzbekistan 78-140-09-09, and in the Golden Pages reference book in the download section.
Is it possible to be posted in your reference book for free?
    Yes, if you have office in Uzbekistan you can be posted in our reference book for free. For this you do not even need to come to our office. Download the application form ("PDF" format;), fill it out and send it to our office in any convenient way. We can post your information for free in up to two sections (types of activities). These sections will indicate: company name, address, contact phones (up to two), fax, email address.