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ETIBOR-SERVIS LTD. Development and production of non-standard equipment for industrial, agricultural, medical and household purposes.
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Country: Uzbekistan
District: Bektemir
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Additional information about organization and they activity
   The Limited Liability Company "E'TIBOR SERVIS" was established on September 22, 1999.                 The purpose of the activity is to participate in the formation of the market, saturating it with goods and services through its activities, providing services to the population, organizations, enterprises operating on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, including joint ventures with the participation of foreign capital.

    LLC "E'TIBOR SERVICES" carries out the following activities: development and production of non-standard equipment for industrial, agricultural, medical and household purposes. We have experience in exporting our equipment to the Republic of Zambia (Africa) and Kazakhstan.

1. Single-roll and three-roll dissolvers with hydraulic lifting.
2. Equipment for the production of dry mixes: with screw feed, with elevator, with lift.
3. Equipment for the production of emulsion.
4. Equipment for drying sand.
5. Coal briquetting equipment.6. Equipment for the production of granular compound feeds.
7. Belt conveyors.
8. Gypsum cooking equipment.9. Drum screen - screen.
10. Drum type sieve. .
11. Vibrating screen.
12. Billboards.
13. Vertical mills.
14. Anthers.    
15. Rollers for profiles.
16. Tweezers.  
19.A press with a vibrating table, double-sided pressing for the manufacture of plates.

e-mail: z.tursunova@mail.ru


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