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Uzbekistan, City: Tashkent, District: Yashnabad, Street Temur Malik, 146

Renewed: 26.01.2023
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The company has not yet posted products/services on the website www.goldenpages.uz. If you want to place your products/services, contact us +998903708913

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Ballet paper from a certified distributor. Free delivery to retail customers (except paper) in Tashkent when ordering from 500 thousand soums.
Delivery phone: (+998 94) 660-39-14
Welcome to Vision Care!
4 Vision Care salons in Tashkent with a convenient location.
Sunscreens and optical frames directly from Italy and South Korea, as well as budget models.
Transparent and colored contact lenses and their care products. Delivery service in Tashkent and Uzbekistan. Diagnostics of vision. Custom-made glasses using high-quality lenses with different coatings made in Japan and Korea. Glasses repair. We have everything you may need in optics.
Your Iron Partner!
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  • Where is ZOODMALL. MOBILE APP located?

    ZOODMALL. MOBILE APP is located at the address: Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Yashnabad district, Temur Malik Street, 146

  • Phone number ZOODMALL. MOBILE APP?

    You can call ZOODMALL. MOBILE APP at 71 2070075

  • What is the operating mode of ZOODMALL. MOBILE APP
      24 hours
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