Hysteroscopic surgery, hysteroscopy - services

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Amputation of the uterus - services 1 Analysis of blood lipid profile - services 8 Analysis of urine in Tashkent in Uzbekistan 22 Assays for TORCH - services 21 Biochemical analysis of blood - service 50 Biopsy of the cervix - services 1 Blood test for tumor markers - services 18 Blood test in Tashkent in Uzbekistan 49 Cardiology services in Tashkent 46 Cardiology services in Uzbekistan 58 Clinical laboratory services 42 Conization of the cervix - services 1 Conservative myomectomy - services 1 Curettage of the uterine cavity - services 1 Endocrinologist in Tashkent 24 Endocrinologist in Uzbekistan 32 Fallopian tube plasty- services 1 Gastroscopy in Tashkent in Uzbekistan 3 Gynecological operations, surgical gynecology - services 8 Gynecologists in Tashkent 36 Gynecologists in Uzbekistan 46 Hormonal research in Tashkent in Uzbekistan 41 Installation of an intrauterine device, installation of an IUD - services 1 Laboratory research, laboratory tests in Tashkent 78 Laparoscopic surgery, laparoscopy - services 3 Laparotomy operations, laparotomy - services 1 Linked immunosorbent assays in Tashkent in Uzbekistan 6 Medical centers in Tashkent 193 Medical centers in Uzbekistan 290 Medical laboratories in Tashkent 179 Medical laboratories in Uzbekistan 240 Medical laboratories of Almazar district 28 Medicine- diagnostic, consultation, treatment in Tashkent 842 MEDICINE- DIAGNOSTIC, CONSULTATION, TREATMENT in Uzbekistan 1375 Private clinics in Alzamar district 51 Private clinics in Tashkent 424 Private clinics in Uzbekistan 639 Removal of a Bartholin gland cyst- services 1 Removal of a vaginal cyst- services 1 Removal of the intrauterine device, removal of the IUD - services 1 Stationary hospitals in Tashkent in Uzbekistan - treatment 31 Urologist in Tashkent 29 Urologist in Uzbekistan 33 Vaginal hysterectomy- services 1 Vaginal operations- services 7 Vaginoplasty- services 1
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Uzbekistan, City: Tashkent, District: Almazar, Street Farobi, 449B



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