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TBM STROY. Production of metal structures, as well as design and construction of industrial and civil buildings
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Country: Uzbekistan
Area: Samarqand region
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Additional information about organization and they activity
    The main activity of OOO “Turon Building Manufacturer”, is known under the trademark steel-stroy.com ™, is the production of metal structures, as well as the design and construction of industrial and civil buildings.

Today steel-stroy.com ™ is one of the most modern manufacturing companies, engaged in the design and manufacture of metal structures using LSTC technology in Central Asia.

    All calculations are performed in the certified system of strength analysis and design of structures Structure CAD Office (SCAD).

    We implement the world's best design and production technologies in Uzbekistan, contributing to energy conservation and preservation of metal from corrosion.

steel-stroy.com ™ offers its Partners a set of effective solutions to reduce costs and increase profits!


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ШКОЛА №36 г.САМАРКАНДА: 1.1 km.
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